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Thus far, most of what's here is aimed at a general audience: people who know a little bit about physics and would like to know more. (Links to that material can be found in the general audience section below.) Ideally, I would like to write a reasonably complete and detailed site giving a comprehensive introduction to string theory and to my current work in particular, but in practice actually doing research takes priority over trying to explain it to non-specialists. Still, I've made a start at it below.

Discussions for a general audience

My research history

What follows a quick overview of topics that I have worked on in the past. (My apologies to non-experts, but for now this list is heavy on jargon and light on explanations.) I've given a very small number of links to representative papers related to each of these subjects. Some might also be interested in a more official statement of research interests, or in a related list of proposed undergraduate research projects; my curriculum vitae is also available.

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