Steuard and Kim's Wedding & Honeymoon Pictures

First, a few pictures from our wedding itself. These are just a small sampling of all that we've got, but I haven't had time to scan many of them. (The thumbnails link to larger versions, of course.)

Our ceremony. Ceremony closeup.

Two pictures of the ceremony itself, on the bridge at the far side of the garden pond. (This is more or less the view that most of the guests had.)

Our wedding party.

The wedding party lined up on the bridge.

Kim and me, just married.

One of our favorite pictures. (Many thanks to Marc LaFoy for polishing it up a bit for us!)

My family at the wedding.

Me with my parents and sister, just before the ceremony.

Next, a few pictures from our honeymoon in Canada's Banff National Park near Lake Louise. Again, this is a tiny subset of all the pictures we have (it's not even all the good ones); I hope to scan more of them eventually.

Lake Louise far away.

A distant view of Lake Louise.

A beautiful reflection on Lake Louise.

A beautifully reflected mountain scene at Lake Louise. This was one of my favorite pictures of the trip.

Rippled reflection on the lake.

Another reflected view, but this time with wind rippling the water for an almost magical effect.

Lake Louise, very blue.

Lake Louise looking very blue, though it's crystal clear nearby.

Many colors in the lake.

A gradual change of color at the far end of Lake Louise.

Logs and reflections.

Logs and reflections in Lake Louise. This picture shows just how clear the water was.

Another lake view. Another lake view.

More views of the lake.

Kim at our hotel. Poor picture of me at our hotel.

Pictures of Kim and of me standing on the balcony of our hotel room. (The picture of me is unfortunately not so great, as I forgot to tell Kim to use a camera setting to compensate for the uneven light.)

Vivid Moraine Lake.

Moraine Lake, near Lake Louise. I haven't done any particular color enhancement or other weird processing to this image: the water honestly is this vivid color.

Kim and me at Moraine Lake.

Kim and me sitting near Moraine Lake. Again, that gorgeous blue is absolutely real.

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